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We offer:

filling the air conditioning system,

check of the tightness,

disinfection of air-conditioning system,

cabin filter replacement (anti-dust).

Car air conditioning service

Suitable Car air conditioning service ensure its efficient operation and user safety, we invite you to review the system for inspection.

In our service we offer services for the repair and maintenance of Car air-conditioning.

We're working on the device TEXA 705R providing the highest quality of our services.

Air-conditioned car must be at least once a year professionally clean and tamp coolant. This factor as the use evaporates and the air conditioning system loses efficiency.

Disinfection with ultrasound:

Our services offers a disinfection device with ATOM MACHINE. ATOM device generates ultrasound at a frequency of 1.7 MHz, allowing atomization of an antibacterial fluid, which is drawn and atomized by the recirculation system A/C.

The liquid particles sprayed with the device are of size less than 5 microns, and are light enough to not easily deposit on the surfaces, which obstructs the flow through the channels of the ejector, an evaporator and a cabin of the vehicle. In this way, quickly and thoroughly disinfect the air conditioning and cabin of the vehicle.

This effect will not be achieved through the application of disinfectants in spray, because the size and weight of the sprayed particles causes their rapid descent.

ULTRASOUND is the most effective method of fumigation.

Another advantage of the removal of the fungi of the ultrasonic spray of fluid room temperature (without heating) - this avoids condensation related associated with higher temperature fluid which is sprayed by means of the heating.

Removal of fungi ultrasound is an excellent alternative to the traditional method the spray, which is laborious and can not be used in case of an unfavorable arrangement of the electrical units, ozonation, and methods, which in some cases may be too ineffective due to the rapid disintegration of the ozone at a temperature above 24 C. In addition, thanks to special fluids, the device allows you to perform the surgery deodorizate the interior of odors, which do not have biological origin (eg. the smell of cigarettes, pets, food)