In our service we offer:

point  computer diagnostics

point  brake repair;
replacement brake pads, discs and drums brake replacement brake hoses, brake fluid,

point  air conditioning service; filling the air conditioning system, checking the tightness of the system, the air conditioning system disinfection, ozonation, replacement of the cabin air filter (anti-dust)

point  oil and filter replacement, we use only filters and oils leading manufacturers,

point  suspension repair, exchange all the elements of the suspension, such as shock absorbers, control arms,
     pins, bushings, metal, rubber, springs, etc.

  repair of motor, we make a comprehensive repair and overhaul of engines of nearly all brands,

  replacement of engine, when the engine ceases to be profitable the repair or renovation reasons
      economic, we help the customer in buying such used motor in the car and replace the entire drive unit,

  exchange coupling, always exchange all used items to a new clutch works good with the durability of the
     clutch assembly factory,

  exchange timing, timing belt replacement is a big responsibility, any failure of this system is a serious engine
     damage and cost, therefore when replacing the timing of the use of leading manufacturers and the use
     of dedicated
tools for the type of engine

   set geometry and convergence of the wheels; in cars and vans.

In addition, we do:

  • replacement steering arms, rod ends,
  • wheel bearing replacement,
  • replacement steering gear,
  • head gasket replacement engine,
  • car service (periodic) the oil and filter change,
  • regeneration of heads, fuel injectors,
  • full-service post-warranty service,
  • sale of spare parts for all brands,
  • and other....